Hi my name is Nicola MacDonald and I am a Mindfulness Coach. I discovered mindfulness via the NHS as a technique to help me cope with stress and anxiety better. At the time I was a first time mum with postpartum anxiety. I was always a bit of a worrier from teenage years upwards which then led to increased levels of anxiety when I joined the working world in London to the point where I often suffered with insomnia and night terrors. I am happy to say that mindfulness has helped me immensely.

how mindfulness helped me

Nowadays I am a far less anxious human being who can handle change better, approaching life with greater resilience, equanimity and calm. It has improved my wellbeing, my relationships, my parenting, my whole outlook on life.

I am such an advocate that I have now made it my goal in life to raise awareness of the life changing, healing power of mindfulness. 

I offer the opportunity for private 1 on 1 sessions online as well as group sessions in the form of evening classes. Please see Course Details tab for more information.