Running through the fog, not away from it

I went for a run this morning and the park was full of fog. I could only see a small path in front of me then I was right in the thick of it, running with fog all around me and no idea when it would clear. Then it did for a bit, a pocket of clarity came and I could see the road ahead for a short while. Then I was clouded in fog again. This kept happening.

Just like life itself, none of us know what the road ahead looks like. We just have to start running and wait for the path to clear, knowing that it will.

But also not getting too attached to the clear path when it turns up as at some point it will become foggy again. Learning to accept the ever changing ebb and flow of life.

With regular mindfulness practice we can approach these moments of clarity and unknown with patience, equanimity and acceptance. Understanding that a lot of life is uncertain but we have a choice as to how we approach it.

Running through the fog, not away from it.