Listening to my heart above all other voices

I just meditated to some healing music, practising mindfulness where I try not to let thoughts run away with me and instead I said to myself ‘listen to your heart’. I noticed straight away that my chest was tight and I could feel pain in my heart. Tears started to come to my eyelids as I let the feelings wash over me. I continued to breathe in and out slowly and deeply from my abdomen whilst maintaining focus on my heart. I said to myself ‘I am listening this time, I am really listening’. I decided not to try and force the pain away, swallowing my feelings and telling myself off for having this strange pain. Instead I went with it. I was not afraid of the pain and I listened, letting it be as it wanted to be whilst maintaining my breathing. Oddly the pain started to dissipate and a feeling of relief came with it. I started to smile as I realised I was actually truly listening to myself. I was listening to my feelings deep down in my core rather than ignoring them or forcing them away. Mindfulness is a truly powerful thing. I know the more often I do this the better. As Marta Kagan says “listen to your heart above all other voices”.